Gabrielle Chester of Alone WIth Jesus

Hi there! Let me tell you about us here at Alone With Jesus! Well, when I say “us” it is really me with a little help from my mom, from Worth Beyond Rubies, from time to time.

My name is Gabrielle Chester and I’m a 21 year old Jewish believer in Jesus (also called a Messianic Jew)!

I’m also working to become a preschool teacher and I am a “mom” to a couple of cats and dogs!

I love softball, reading, and hiking!

I have been a believer in Jesus since I was 8 years old.

My mom inspired me to start this blog because she’s a blogger and my parents always taught me to always put God first and I still carry that with me to this day.

Another reason I started this site is because today, it’s hard to be a young person and a follower of Jesus. It’s also difficult with all we have going on in life to make sure we make time for Him.

By starting this blog, I want to help young women, like myself, grow our faith through prayer and study together.

Life happens, we get distracted or forget and it’s hard to juggle work, friends, school, and keep God first all the time. (I’m guilty of forgetting at times myself!)

By reading and studying this blog, I hope it will inspire you, help you know you’re not alone and that you’ll learn to grow your faith and make prayer not only an every day part of life but, as my mom always quotes from Steven Curtis Chapman, “Just because we say the word ‘Amen’, doesn’t mean this conversation needs to end.’ and keep praying all throughout the day in conversation with our Father.